3 Top Takeaways from the Dubai Leadership Summit

3 Top Takeaways from the Dubai Leadership Summit
All the best tips from the experts at the Dubai leadership summit

Our mission is to bring opportunities and education to everyone around the world, no matter their circumstances. It’s ambitious, but important work, and in that spirit we want to bring you the most important tips and takeaways from the visionary Peter Jakobsson and Crowd favourite Kenny Nordlund.

Your phone is your office

A confused hush fell upon the audience asChief Network Director Kenny Nordlund paced the stage and said “Let me just walk into my office.” Nordlund proceeded to take out his phone, and said, “This is your office, correct? This is all you need, isn’t it?”

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, plenty of people have forgotten what the office looks like in the last year. Many countries have entered lockdowns, and plenty of people are very wisely working from home. Thankfully, your most important tool hasn’t been affected.

Your phone allows you to keep in touch with your down and upline, research opportunities on the fly, and make notes and record meetings with ease. It’s your most valuable piece of tech.

Need a physical office for that vital face to face? You can borrow ours!

We’re all excited about the new Dubai office, and now we have an extra reason to look forward to its completion. Once it’s complete, and the pandemic allows us to see each other again, Crowd1 leaders will be able to book rooms and meet people from the office. Kenny Nordlund said in his presentation to Crowd1 leaders that “This office is totally focussed on serving the network and the leadership of the network globally.” The new office is projected to be finished soon, and founder Jonas Werner took time out of his packed Dubai schedule to visit the site and check that everything was on track.

(Note: this article was written before the Dubai office was completed. The office has been officially open since September. If you want to see photos from the opening, follow this link.)

Think about the culture you are creating

Peter Jakobsson gave an in depth and wide ranging presentation on what skills leaders need, and what leadership means to him.

His impassioned and informative speech captured the vibe of a university professor imparting vital wisdom, complete with whiteboard. It was there that he wrote his first tenet of leadership - culture. Every leader, including those in the Crowd1 network, create a culture for those that follow them. At Crowd1, we strive every day to create a culture that is bold, passionate, and empowering. But what about your own culture?

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