40 Million Crowd1 Members

40 Million Crowd1 Members

On the 7th of November 2021, Crowd1 reached an astonishing 40 million registered affiliates!

This number is way more than just a measurement of people. It's the size of our crowd, a crowd united by the passion that we all share for this industry. The affiliates are important because they are the ones who makes this company reach new levels and helps us keep moving at our impressive, current speed. Since the start of this company the growth has been massive. We have seen new products be introduced and we have seen new inspiring Crowd1 leaders rise. We have watched online Mega Events and Recognition Events during the pandemic and enjoyed them from our homes. 

As Covid-19's grip around the world has eased we have been able to host extraordinary Live Events in Dubai. The online events have been hugely successful and enjoyed by many people, but the main goal has always been to let people attend our amazing events and see them live. The Dubai Live Events have offered a busy couple days in Dubai, with both leadership training as well as a dazzling liveshow. Leaders have been able to meet, network and connect face to face again in Dubai. Our live events are back and we can guarantee you that they are here to stay.

What is so special about Crowd1?

The fact that Crowd1 is a 100% online business. Looking at other existing companies in the crowd marketing industry, this is quite revolutionary. Crowd1 is an online business marketing third-party companies digital products. Crowd1 has no products of its own. This means that anyone can use Crowd1. No matter who you are or wherever in the world you are, your age or gender doesn't matter at all. No matter your former education or experiences, Crowd1 welcomes you with open arms. Crowd1 is here to make people realise the power they hold and what to do to nurture it.

We are Crowd1, and what we do for millions of people around the world is that we Unleash Opportunities. We can't do the work for you, to make your business bloom we need you to be active, not passive, and work hard. 


Speaking of passion, take a look at out talkshow United by Passion. It is a show where Crowd1 invites a selection of inspiring leaders to talk about their lives and their road to success. All episodes can be found in a playlist on Crowd1's YouTube channel here. The first episode of United by Passion was aired in July this year and can be viewed below.

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