Meet the man behind PLANET IX

Meet the man behind PLANET IX
Please note that this article was written for CROWD magazine vol. 10 in the beginning of 2021. PLANET IX has since been launched.

Sverker Caron, Project Manager at Miggster, and the mind behind Planet IX sits down with CROWD. We discuss his favourite games, his love for Crowd marketing and whether his kids will grow up to be streamers.

How did you get involved with Crowd1?

I’ve known all the founders for 25 years. We have been doing great things together. When they started to talk about Crowd1 I was just about to move to Spain, so I said I’ll do something there instead. But we kept in touch and two years ago Jonas said, okay it’s time for you to join because now this is really taking off. So I said, okay let’s give it a try. I loved the concept.

They needed a project leader for Miggster, so I started with Miggster immediately. But as I have a Crowd Marketing background, I’ve been at almost every event that we’ve had, in the Philippines, in South Africa, and now in Dubai. I do two shifts, I work with Miggster but I’m also out meeting the leaders and telling them about Crowd1. We have sat, Jonas and I, and said, why did Crowd1 get so huge? Hopefully we have the answers, but not always. Maybe that’s the beauty of this business. You don’t have all the answers.

What qualities do you think make a good leader?

You need to listen to people. You need to love to work with people. This is a people business. It’s not the best sales guys who succeed in Crowd marketing, because they are just sales guys. It’s more about education.

Which leaders do you look to for inspiration?

I have a few, but Tony Robbins has been a great inspiration in my whole grown up life. He’s an American motivational speaker. He’s trained presidents and the greatest sports profiles in the world. He does events with 20,000 people sometimes. He’s very inspiring.

What’s the most rewarding part of working for Crowd1 for you?

I’m a first phase entrepreneur. I like to see if things can be done. And when we have seen that it can be done, or that it can’t be done, I lose interest sometimes. In Crowd1 we start new projects all the time, so this company fits me perfectly. Now we have this Planet IX project that we’re about to create. And when this is up and running, hopefully we’ll have another great project. So I can be in the same company and start new projects, for me it’s perfect.

What are you excited about working on right now?

Planet IX is the new baby, and I have this good feeling in my whole body that this will blow the market away. I talked to a lot of leaders in Dubai because they had questions. Even though we can’t say so much, I saw that they are excited.

‍What’s the most challenging part of game development? How do you overcome it?
We have many competitors, and they are big. They are Apple, and Google and Amazon. All the big companies have launched their gaming platforms, and we are the small guy. Still we’ve done really well, it’s like David and Goliath. We feel like the new kid on the block, but we will not only join them, we will beat them.

What’s your favourite video game and why?

Some of the retro games that we’re about to launch now. I played PacMan for hundreds of hours whenI was a child. Asteroids, Donkey Kong, and SuperMario, those types of games. My kids spend many hours on Minecraft. And that’s a good game, because it’s stimulating and creative. Some schools use Minecraft in education. It’s a big industry. So if a parent says to their kids they shouldn’t play so many video games, it can be right or wrong because there’s a chance they will go on to work in the gaming industry when they are older. And today you can earn a living just by playing games in esports tournaments. So it’s hard to be a parent nowadays. I don’t think my kids will grow up to be streamers.They don’t have that genuine interest like many of their friends have. But my hope is that my entrepreneurial part can help them a bit.

What do you think the future of games looks like?

There will be more detail in VR and AR. Games will be very high tech, on one side. But then, when you go on the train or a bus or a flight, people are still playing the easiest games. So what we have in Miggster Social will remain relevant. You don’t always want to spend so much energy, sometimes you just want to spend an hour on something. High tech and low tech will live side by side, even in the future.

If you had to pick one principle for success, what would it be?

Persistence. Many people give up far too early. If you know you are doing the right thing, do that, and success will come.

What does working with Crowd1 mean to you?

Self development. We are doing things no one has done before, and it’s cool to be a part of that. Except Corona times now, when we are not meeting so many people, I’ve met so many new people, during these two years. Crowd Marketing is about meeting new people. If you can’t do it live, you have to do it online, but we’ve managed the online meetings very well as well.

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