The Crowd1 Business Model

The Crowd1 Business Model

Crowd1 is a dynamic company that is growing and evolving with every day that passes. As with any company in our business there are isolated incidents where people misunderstand what type of business Crowd1 is and how to use it. The purpose of this blog post is to correct these misconceptions and address queries about the company and the business model.


Crowd1 is an established online networking and marketing company based in the United Arab Emirates. One could compare Crowd1 to companies like Uber and Airbnb that don't sell cars or beds, they offer a service. Crowd1 has no products of its own, it only markets products owned by other companies. No prior knowledge is needed to start a business with Crowd1. Age, gender, nationality or education are not obstacles in order to start working with Crowd1. This creates a unique possibility for those who want to build a business of their own, that revolves around sales and creating networks. 


Crowd1 helps people by offering access to technology and tools, so that anyone can build their own business and earn long term. The positive reviews of Crowd1 highlight the fact that it’s available to everyone. It does not matter if you make it your full-time profession or if it’s a side hustle.


Similar to most businesses, you need to put in effort and spend time on Crowd1 to make it bloom. It is important that you, before you begin your business with Crowd1, make sure to fully understand the business model. Read the terms and conditions to gain an understanding of what Crowd1 expects of you and what you are expected to do for Crowd1.


Crowd1 communicates with its members through the back office where there are constant updates in the form of news. The purpose of the news is to make sure that all people working with Crowd1 stay up to date on company development and activity.


Crowd1 is not a financial institution and has no intention of acting as such. Crowd1 offers no investment possibilities or lending activities, which separates Crowd1 from being confused with being a bank.

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