Metaversy is a blockchain based trading game where you as a player can trade virtual options in companies which only exist in the metaverse!

Moon Birdie

An online platform to help you understand the value of crypto assets and get access to the most current, credible crypto information.


The latest revolution within online mobile gaming. Play against friends, compete in tournaments and win big. Challenge the game!


PLANET IX is a strategy game built on a real estate trading platform where, in a virtual planet, players buy, sell, trade and develop PIX (lots of land for you to play).



An online platform enabling personal and professional growth. Try Mindoe for yourself and expand your mind.


Your online booking website unlocking exclusive prices for C1 members. Over 2.5 million hotels and holiday resorts to choose from!

LifeTRNDS Platinum

Special deals exclusively on hotels, resorts, cruises and car rentals around the world with 10-75% off what consumers normally pay!

Epic1 Lotto

Buy tickets to the world’s best lotteries with the highest jackpots with its ticket messenger service.


Luxury lifestyle products within fragrance and skincare manufactured locally in Nigeria and expanding throughout Africa.


Never lose links again and share them with your friends and business contacts.

C1 Magazine

Business and marketing tool for C1 members to browse exciting lifestyle and network-related content.